Faucets by Elka Design (Italy)

Shower Systems by Elka Design (Italy)

Made in France with recycled sails. All Bags carry labels with history of the sail!


Manufacturing of fine mechanical measurement instruments requires precision and solid technical skills. Years of experience behind Fischer give you the security for the best processing and adjustment.

Virtually all product components are manufactured and assembled in-house. This enables us to implement customer-specific product versions also in small series.

To ensure the reliability of our products, we attach great importance to high-quality materials as well as on the most precise adjustment and testing of the measuring movements.

The careful use of resources and use of environmentally friendly manufacturing methods are part of our self-conception of sustainable production.


Please contact us for custom orders. 

1512TH Thermo-hygrometer RM1.00 MYR
186TH-01 Thermo-hygrometer RM1.00 MYR
287M Marine Barograph (mechanical clockwork) RM1.00 MYR
1608T POLAR Thermometer RM1.00 MYR
1602-75 Weather station carbon (Limited Edition) RM1,704.00 MYR
1600BTH Weather station RM1.00 MYR
5340-01 | On table weather station Cellarius-support - Incantesimo-Design RM1.00 MYR
1581-00.5 | Weather Station Starlight White Dials RM1.00 MYR
1481-06.5 | Weather Station Starlight Large RM1.00 MYR
1538 | Weather Station With Quartz Clock RM1.00 MYR
191.01 | Sauna Hygrometer 130 mm RM1.00 MYR
140.01 | Wine Cellar Hygrothermometer RM1.00 MYR
1580H-06 | Table Stand Cockpit - Hygrometer RM1.00 MYR
122.01HT-01 | Fischer Climate Hygrometer With Thermometer RM1.00 MYR
287MQ Marine Barograph (quartz clockwork) RM1.00 MYR
187TH-03 | Sauna Thermohygrometer RM1.00 MYR
1436R | Barometer 170 mm RM1.00 MYR
Wine Cellar Hygrothermometer 140x140 mm RM1.00 MYR
1508TD | TIDE CLOCK 125 MM RM1.00 MYR