Faucets by Elka Design (Italy)

Shower Systems by Elka Design (Italy)

Made in France with recycled sails. All Bags carry labels with history of the sail!


Elite Series SY48R- VA RM1.00 MYR
Elite Series SY48R-FF RM1.00 MYR
Elite Series SY48 Thru-Hull RM1.00 MYR
Elite Series SY48-IFM Underwater Light RM1.00 MYR
Piranha P3 MK11 RM897.00 MYR
Manta Ray MR20 RM1.00 MYR
Manta Ray MR48CC Color Change RM1.00 MYR
Mako M12 IFM Underwater Light RM1.00 MYR
Mako M24 CC Color Change RM1.00 MYR
Great White GW20 RM1.00 MYR
Great White GW48 CC Color Change RM1.00 MYR
Elite Superyacht SY48-ITS-FF RM1.00 MYR
Dock Light DL6D / DL12D RM1.00 MYR
Dock Light DL6D Color Change RM1.00 MYR
Piranha P6 Nitro & P6 Nitro Dual Colour RM1,429.00 MYR
Piranha P6CC Colour Change RM1.00 MYR
Piranha P12 Single / Dual Colour RM2,010.00 MYR
Piranha P24 / P24 Dual Color RM2,824.00 MYR
Piranha P24CC RGBW Color Change RM3,721.00 MYR
Orca O48CC (RGBW) Color Change RM1.00 MYR
Orca O20 RM1.00 MYR
Bluefin LED Switch RM1.00 MYR
Piranha P12 SM Dual Colour White-Blue (5700 lumens) RM1,495.00 MYR RM2,010.00 MYR
PIRANHA P24 SM SAPPHIRE BLUE (10,000 lumens) RM2,292.00 MYR RM2,824.00 MYR