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Made in France with recycled sails. All Bags carry labels with history of the sail!

Sprintline (per metre)

The 16 plait polyester is available in a large range of colours and is suitable to many different uses. The product is soft yet hard wearing. The product is a low stretch polyester.

By far one of our BEST selling products, this little line combines superb handling with strength and the pre-stretching process ensures optimum control for halyards. Specially designed for the dinghy sailor, Sprintline is also ideal for control lines, leach lines, outhauls, lanyards and sailboards. Bright colours with contrasting flecks enable easy identification in use. A lovely little race proven line!

Features & Benefits

  • 16-plait polyester cover
  • Polyester core
  • Heat set and pre-stretched
  • Extensive colour range
  • Lower extension with high tenacity
  • Supple and easy to handle
  • Easily identified
  • Good longevity

Typical Applications

  • Dinghy halyards
  • Dinghy control lines
  • Leach lines
  • Outhauls
  • Lanyards