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 Bluefin LED specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative LED underwater marine lights.

  • Technically superior and quality assured, advanced Underwater LED boat lights are designed and engineered in the UK from the finest sourced components and materials and are used to provide breathtaking nightime illumination on all types of boat and yacht.
  • Onshore, the award winning Dock Lights can be installed with confidence onto marinas and docks.
  • Quality, care, innovation and passion go into each and every one of Bluefin LED products and this is clear to see throughout the range.
  • Unique internal driver systems as standard to reduce both cost and installation time for the end user. Lights are available in white, blue and green and RGBW colour changing options for that perfect finishing touch.
  • Whatever your requirements, Bluefin LED can provide an exceptionally reliable, maintenance free and highly economical solution.
Piranha P3 MK11
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Piranha P3 MK11 $1.00 AUD
Manta Ray MR20 $1.00 AUD
Great White GW20 $1.00 AUD
Orca O20
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Orca O20 $1.00 AUD