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Shower Systems by Elka Design (Italy)

Made in France with recycled sails. All Bags carry labels with history of the sail!

S-Mix (per metre)

Top quality, high performance ropes by leading UK-based manufacturer English Braids®. Satisfaction Guarantee.

S-Mix utilises the performance of our standard Braid on Braid but with a mixture of spun polyester and standard polyester in the cover to give the rope a higher levels of grip.

The double braid construction is used to deliver a core cover rope. The cover is made from a mixture of spun polyester and standard high tenacity providing a compromise between the fibres.

A blended rope that looks to mix and match the characteristics of the fibres to deliver exceptional performance.


Features & Benefits

  • Polyester core with blended spun cover
  • Vibrant colour range
  • Heat treated
  • Soft to handle
  • High grip levels
  • New improved specification