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Shower Systems by Elka Design (Italy)

Made in France with recycled sails. All Bags carry labels with history of the sail!


"ROLLNECK" Fender Cover by bag

Rollneck Fender covers are designed and manufactured in Germany from solution dyed polyester in combination with UV resistant elastane.

These Fender socks come in 4 standard fender diameter sizes, simply cut to the desired fender length and use!

Main reasons to get yourself fender covers:

  • protect your valuable hull against damages caused by fenders ( e.g. matt points of the gelcoat which cause osmosis) and lubrication of fender plastics
  • avoid the nerve-wrecking scraping between fender and hull (when you are sleeping)
  • avoid to waste time in scrubbing your fenders, simply put the covers in the washing machine when they are dirty.
  • protect the fender against UV damage which is softening the fender material and leaves terrible stains on the hull. (especially a problem of colored fenders)

All fabrics can be machine washed at 40°. The fabrics are of synthetic material and dry quickly in the air.

Do not dry in a dryer. Our high quality fibre yarns are spun to a soft quality in order to protect and to beautify the hull. For us, but surely for you as well, this is very important.

ATTENTION: Take care when using fender covers against rough quay walls. It's still a fabric. It's advisable to remove the covers to avoid coarsening and tearing. By loosening the ties and because of the elastic materials this can be done very quickly.