Faucets by Elka Design (Italy)

Shower Systems by Elka Design (Italy)

Made in France with recycled sails. All Bags carry labels with history of the sail!


ECHNIQUE CARE CRP-INDICATOR: CLEAN DISCRIPTION DULON STERNDRIVE CLEAN 30 is a professional cleaner specially developed for deep cleaning of the sterndrive and outboard engine driveshaft. It removes effectively calcification, algal bloom, barnacles, seaweed and green fur. MANUAL Apply DULON STERNDRIVE CLEAN 30 on the sterndrive or engine shaft. Allow 10 minutes to take effect (prevent dehydration). Scrub with scrubbing brush or sponge. Rinse off with water, preferably by high-pressure sprayer. In case of severe pollution rehearse the treatment. Protect the cleaned sterndrive or engine shaft with DULON 1&2, DULON POLISH & WX COMPOUND 18 or DULON NEW BOAT WAX 19.