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Low profile control line guides

  • For guiding lines between two fixed points with little horizontal or vertical deflection
  • Guides extra lines to the cockpit cleats and clutches when no organiser sheaves are available
  • Double screw fitting
  • Stainless steel rope guide
  • Rakes low profile avoids snagging
  • Integral gasket sealed base

Max Line Diameter

BE10/TF - 10mm (3/8")
BE12/TF - 12mm (1/2")
BE16/TF - 16mm (5/8")

Weights & Fasteners

BE10/TF - 8g (0.28oz)
BE12/TF - 14g (0.49oz)
BE16/TF - 35g (1.2oz)


BE06/TF - 2x M4 (5/32") CSK (not supplied)
BE10/TF - 2x M5 (3/16") CSK (not supplied)
BE12/TF - 2x M6 (1/4") CSK (not supplied)
BE16/TF - 2x M8 (5/16") CSK (not supplied)