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Made in France with recycled sails. All Bags carry labels with history of the sail!


Heavy Duty Rub Rail Boat Solutions

Workboats, military boats, search-and-rescue boats, and all types of commercial vessels are used extensively and in all types of weather and wave conditions. All of them need to have a marine heavy duty rub rail in place as a protective measure.

The marine rub rail has the same function as a car’s bumper. It closes the hull of the boat, provides reinforcement, and safeguards the outermost edge of the vessel’s gunwale. Since these boats are in the water under conditions that recreational boaters would never consider casting off in, they must be well made and highly durable.The size of the profile is usually proportional to the size of the boat. However, recent design preferences tend to move toward oversized products to give an image of robustness.

RADIAL is our answer to the customer who wants something that can be cold-fitted quickly. Tessilmare's patented fender profile is delivered directly to the customer in two pieces. The first is a rigid track meant to be fastened to the boat using screws or rivets. The soft, seamless insert is provided in reels — cut to the customer’s custom specifications to avoid waste — is then made fast over the top of the base.

BINO Rub Rails are known worldwide as one of the highest quality heavy duty boat fenders available on today’s market. Developed for owners and sailors who don’t have a lot of time to waste on installation, BINO’s two-piece patented design quickly and easily covers up unattractive existing screws. With custom-cut lengths, installation is a breeze on vessels of all sizes, docks, and piers.

BUMPER is a patented product that combines a lightweight frame with power. Two profile bases are fastened to the vessel’s hull with a stainless steel bar. Next, the top profile is attached using pressure. This option means you can choose heavy duty rubber bumpers for your boat with a very low weight ratio and get durability and strength in return.

All of the above-listed products are interchangeable. PVC and INOX can be used in the same vessel.

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