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Made in France with recycled sails. All Bags carry labels with history of the sail!



English Braids Ltd was established in 1972 in order to supply rope and cord into the industrial market place. The company was originally established in Malvern, Worcestershire, although the current purpose built site was adopted in 1979.


The company diversified into the Marine market place in 1980 and has established a network of partners throughout the UK and distribution channel throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.


The values of the company in this sector have been aimed at providing a high quality product to the mass market, from dinghy through to large yachts. It has been the long standing opinion that people do not buy on price, but value for money. It is this messaging that has been key in the overall success of the company today.


The passion for British manufacturing has always been at the heart of the operation and therefore considerations to move production to other areas have always been rejected. The focus on quality and the lack of attention on commodity markets has seen English Braids become one of the best known names in the UK yachting market and our products used across a multitude of markets and sectors. Full range of English Braids ropes can be also found on Ropes.sg.

Braid-on-Braid from $0.01 SGD
Silverline from $3.40 SGD
Dockline from $0.01 SGD
DC 12 (12-strand Dyneema® SK78) from $2.60 SGD
Sprintline Brights from $1.80 SGD
Racing Dyneema® Pro (SK78) from $0.01 SGD
SHOCK CORD (per metre) from $2.20 SGD
Polyester Shock (bungee) Cord $4.50 SGD
Heavy Duty British Standard Shock Cord $0.01 SGD
Light Duty British Standard Shock Cord $0.01 SGD
Power Bands $0.01 SGD
Dyneema Slings $0.01 SGD
Eco Yarn (rPET) Braid-on-Braid from $0.01 SGD
Racing Dyneema® (SK75) from $0.01 SGD
Nylon Starter Cord from $0.01 SGD
Eco Yarn (rPET) Dockline from $0.01 SGD
Sprintline (per metre) from $1.60 SGD