Faucets by Elka Design (Italy)

Shower Systems by Elka Design (Italy)

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Made in France with recycled sails. All Bags carry labels with history of the sail!




Innovative and high quality LED lights - that is what the Prebit factory in Rheinbach near Bonn stands for.

Connectng future technology with manual precision and selected materials to lights with a timeless aesthetic design that create emotions as pointedly illustrated soloists as well as team players in individual lighting concepts.

With that Prebit® established itself as one of the leading lighting brands in the international upscale luxury yacht and motor home field within a few years. Prebit fits into every yacht.


"FLEX05-IP68" LED Waterproof Reading Light $0.01 SGD
Pivotable recessed spotlight EB15-1L (Slave) $0.01 SGD
Recessed Light EB12-1 (Slave) $0.01 SGD
Prebit Dimmer module LD200 $0.01 SGD
JANA wall light $0.01 SGD
Recessed Light EB15-3 (Master) $0.01 SGD
LED SQUARE 4 frameless $0.01 SGD
FLEX05-K $0.01 SGD
Recessed LED Light EB22 (Slave) - Ø 110 mm $0.01 SGD
Recessed LED Light EB22 (Master) - Ø 110 mm $0.01 SGD
Recessed LED Light EB19 Ø 88 mm $0.01 SGD
Wall Light "NOVA" XL $0.01 SGD
Wall Light "NOVA" $0.01 SGD
Recessed Spot Light EBQ7000 - 82 x 82 mm $0.01 SGD
Recessed Spot Light EB70 Ø 104 mm $0.01 SGD
Recessed Spot Light EBQ70 100 x 100 mm $0.01 SGD
EBBY table light $0.01 SGD
EBBA table light $0.01 SGD
LUCY Wall Light $0.01 SGD
Recessed LED Light EB18 Ø 70 mm $0.01 SGD