PRETREATMENT FOR DULON 1&2 SYSTEM Highly concentrated detergent/degreaser to be used as pretreatment before applying DULON 1&2. It removes surface dirt and grease, oil, old wax and silicon traces and creates the necessary basis for the DULON 1&2 protection system. Also to be used as pretreatment with other DULON MARINE wax- & polish products. INSTRUSCTION FOR USE -Use DULON BOATBOTTOM CLEAN 24 to remove algae, barnacles and weed. -Use DULON HULL & WATERLINE CLEAN 22 to remove scale and brownish/yellow stains. -Add 250 ml of PREDULON 00 to a bucket of warm water. -Wash the surface with sponge or soft brush. -Leave to work for 30 sec. -Rinse with fresh water. PREDULON 00 (500 ml) treats a 10-15 meter vessel.