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Power Bands

Power Bands are a high strength shock cord assembly.

Power Bands have Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel, Nylon or Aluminium thimble(s) and are bonded with 2 servings of whipping to ensure strength under heavy loads. We can also supply with soft eye terminations, double-whipped or crimped and covered.

Power Bands are largely used in the Defence industry but are also used in leisure/adventure applications. We can make to customer specifications or drawings, or design suitable Power Bands in consultation with customers.

Heavy duty (BS3F70), light duty (BS3F71) Super-stretch or commercial shock cords are used in these assemblies, depending on the application.


Example industries include:

  • Defence equipment applications
  • Catapult launchers
  • Resistance training
  • Film & Theatre, including stunt work
  • Zip wire braking systems
  • Offshore anchoring systems
  • Inflatable safety
  • Leisure activities