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Made in France with recycled sails. All Bags carry labels with history of the sail!


3 STEP TEAK CARE SYSTEM CRP-INDICATOR: PROTECT DISCRIPTION DULON TEAK PROTECTOR 43 is the third and final step of the 3 STEP TEAK CARE SYSTEM, a revolutionary protection product with UV-blocker used on teak(deck) or furniture. It slows down the process of coloring/greying, prevents calcification and algal bloom. It provides protection during the whole sailing season. It creates a water- and dirt proof coating and does not become greasy or slippery. MANUAL Use DULON TEAK DEGREASER 41 to remove stains of (winch)grease, (suntan)oils, diesel- and fuel spatters, etc. Use DULON TEAK CLEAN & RESTORE 42 to restore weathering, greying, algae growth and to remove calcification, scales, lime, green fur etc. Shake before use. Surface should be clean and oil- and grease free. Apply DULON TEAK PROTECTOR 43 pure, steady and frugal on to the surface using a flat brush or paint roller. Avoid sheets and drops, remove extensive fluid using cloth or paper. Drying time aprox. 20-30 minutes. DULON TEAK PROTECTOR 43 will be complete impregnated and activated after at least 24 hours (during this period do not charge with oil or water). DULON TEAK PROTECTOR 43 (500 ml) treats a maximum of 10 m².