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3 STEP TEAK CARE SYSTEM CRP-INDICATOR: CLEAN-RESTORE DISCRIPTION DULON TEAK CLEAN & RESTORE 42 is the second stap of the 3 STEP TEAK CARE SYSTEM, removing of scales, lime, green fur and algae growth and restoring to original color of teak(deck) and furniture. MANUAL Apply DULON TEAK CLEAN & RESTORE 42 pure or diluted (1:1) to the teak(deck) or furniture. Allow 5 minutes to take effect (prevent dehydration). Scrub with soft brush in the direction of the wood grain pattern. Rinse off with water. Proceed process with phase 3 of the DULON 3 STEP TEAK CARE SYSTEM: protect with DULON TEAK PROTECTOR 43. DULON TEAK CLEAN & RESTORE 42 (1 l) treats a maximum of 10m2.