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Made in France with recycled sails. All Bags carry labels with history of the sail!


Multiple Bullseye Organiser. For stand alone or use with T25 organisers.

  • Versatile new solution for low loaded lines, either fitted alone or for double stacking onto T25 Organisers
  • Stainless eye construction
  • Grouped format minimises the deck space for multiple lines
  • Shape deflects easily to fit concave or convex surfaces
  • Base detailed for self-sealing gasket or wet silicone deck sealing
  • BE10/2’s and 3’s stack anywhere on the T25 Organiser providing a very neat new rope management solution

Line Diameter

Up to 10mm (3/8")


BE10/2 - 16g (0.6oz)
BE10/3 - 24g (0.9oz)


BE10/2 - 2x M5 (3/16") CSK (not supplied)
BE10/3 - 2xM5 (3/16") CSK (not supplied)