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Made in France with recycled sails. All Bags carry labels with history of the sail!

N Cord

A great general purpose Nylon cord which has been used in a number of markets. The N Cord is often popular within picture framing industry whereby the break load isn't signifcantly important.
A comprehensive range of nylon cords to meet a the requirements of many industrial applications. The cords are solid and show good extension properties.
English Braids offer a range of Nylon cords that are suited to a variety of purposes. There is the option of the nylon flat braid in white (N Cords) and the nylon cord with a tighter pitch and rounder appearance (Starter cords). Both are manufactured with a 16 carrier machine allows a smooth finish.


Features & Benefits

  • Smooth Construction
  • Good Roundness
  • Ability to absorb shock loads
  • Susceptible to UV light

Typical Applications

  • Picture Framing