Faucets by Elka Design (Italy)

Shower Systems by Elka Design (Italy)

Made in France with recycled sails. All Bags carry labels with history of the sail!


Gives optimised clutching and holding power on small diameter lines 4 - 8mm (5/32” - 5/16”).

Strongly recommended for sportsboat and other small boat high performance applications.

Check rope size/load graph Regular size XAS0612 may be converted for small diameters by using base module XAS-BASE0408

Small Diameter High Load XAS0408

High performance, small diameter version for 4-8mm lines

Side-mountable on either side with fairing kit XAS-SMNT

Continuous Line XAS/M Solves the problem of threading a continuous furling line

These clutches are supplied as kits with open bullseyes to be assembled directly onto the line XAS0612/1M, XAS0612/2M, XAS0612/3M

XAS Tips

Lines often need to be switched or replaced, or smaller stronger lines or type of line Leading Lines Aft For best results with your XAS clutch installation, use model T38 deck organisers Side Mounting an XAS Side mounting is usually the neatest solution for spars, side decks, and coamings and is unique to Spinlock. XAS0612/HS, XAS0612/HP To install a single XAS on its port or starboard side, simply use the fairing kit XAS-SMNT