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Top quality, high performance ropes by leading UK-based manufacturer English Braids® . Satisfaction Guarantee.  

This static rope is designed for use in areas of hot-works. The rope is designed and manufactured in compliance with EN1891:1998. The rope has a 24 plait polyester/aramid mixed over-braid with a braided HE polyester core.

This combination of materials gives a rope that uses the heat resistant properties of aramid fibres with the controlled elongation provided by a high elongation polyester core.


Features and Benefits

  • Engineered yarns to protect against heat damage and high abrasion environments
  • Designed to extend rope life in extreme environments
  • Increase in safety for operators within certain environments
  • Complies to EN1891 Type A
  • Flexible lengths available
  • Optional colour ranges possible
Typical Applications
  • Rope Access Static Rope