Faucets by Elka Design (Italy)

Shower Systems by Elka Design (Italy)

Made in France with recycled sails. All Bags carry labels with history of the sail!

Dynastay (Dyneema® DM20)

Top quality, high performance ropes by leading UK-based manufacturer English Braids®. Satisfaction Guarantee.
12-Strand Dyneema® manufactured with Dyneema® DM20 yarn finished with the English Braids XPS treatment to reduce all constructional extension.

Forming part of the standing rigging collection the focus has been on the on-going weight reduction through the use of Synthetic materials. The Dyneema® DM20 fibres ensures that creep is kept to a minimum.


Features & Benefits

  •  Ultra low creep
  •  Huge weight savings
  •  Constructional stretch eliminated on lower diameters
  •  Easily stored
  •  Not affected by UV
  •  Rigger fitted



    Typical Applications

    •  Winching
    •  Standing Rigging