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Shower Systems by Elka Design (Italy)

Premium lighting by leading European & US brands

Lifejacket Deckvest Cento Junior

Lifejacket Deckvest Lite

DURO SOLAS Lifejacket

Premium Safety gear from Europe

Made in France with recycled sails. All Bags carry labels with history of the sail!

Braid-on-Braid (per metre)

English Braids® top quality, high performance ropes by leading UK-based manufacturer. Satisfaction Guarantee.  

This 100% Polyester range of ropes designed for sheet and halyard use has superb durability and continues to be the first choice for cruising yachtsmen.
Pre-stretched, non-kinking and flexible in all conditions, Braid-On-Braid is easily spliced and works well with deck hardware.
Braid-On-Braid is available in a full range of white with flecks or a range of vibrant solid colors.


  • Double braid construction
  • 12-strand core, 24 Plait cover
  • Full colour range available
  • Heat set and pre-stretched
  • Easily spliced
  • Superior wear resistance and longevity
  • Ease of identifcation through colour range
  • Perfectly balanced and easy to handle

 Polyester braid-on-braid is manufactured inline with ISO9001 standards. This process ensures consistency and quality delivering a rope that can be relied on.