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Bio-based Dinghy Dyneema®

Bio-Dyneema is made of waste from the pulp and timber industries which is collected as feedstocks to produce a yarn that is more sustainable and reduces our impact on our environment. We believe that ropes shouldn’t cost the earth and will continue to support that ethos.
Top quality, high performance ropes by leading UK-based manufacturer English Braids®. Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Dyneema® core is protected by a tightly woven polyester jacket providing good abrasion resistance with the strength being delivered through the Dyneema® SK78 core material.

This product is ideal for Dinghy halyards which require a performance line through high strength and low creep attributes.

Est. delivery time: 7 days.


Features & Benefits

  •  Dyneema® SK78 core
  •  Bright colour scheme and colour matching core
  •  16-plait 'one over one under one'
  •  High strength with low extension
  •  Improved longevity with Dyneema® SK78
  •  Hard wearing cover

Typical Applications

  •  Dinghy control line
  •  Dinghy halyards
  •  Dinghy sheet ropes