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Aquair Q100 Towed Generator

Aquair Q100 Water/Wind (optional) turbine.

12 or 24 or 48 V battery charging power. Hybrid wind and water drive. Sailing downwind at 6 knots, the Aquair Q100 water drive generates approximately 5 amps continuous charge. To obtain 5 amps at 12 Volts of generation from the wind driven version while underway, the wind speed required is typically 30 knots (24 knots
plus 6 knots boat speed).

Water mode.
The Aquair 100 is designed for yachts cruising at 4-7 kts. The standard pitch turbine surfaces at 7-8 kts and skips at higher speeds. The coarse pitch turbine suits yachts which sail at 8-12 kts. The shaft connector is designed to break to save the generator and rail if the turbine becomes trapped. At normal cruising speeds the turbine will not noticeably slow the yacht.

Wind mode.
Uses a “rope only”, hoist-in-the-rigging system. A halyard lifts the Aquair 100 away from busy cockpit into clear air. No noise or vibration to worry about! A pole mount option is available for yachts with stern gantry or similar. A short pole is welded, clamped etc. to an existing structure. A single electrical connection then serves wind and water modes.

Use of an Aquair 100 greatly reduces the frequency of engine running to recharge service batteries. The turbine generates sufficient power to run an autopilot, maintain navigation equipment or support a fridge. It produces a continuous output of up to 6 Amps at 12 volts. Its permanent magnet alternator with built-in rectifiers has no commutator brushes and the windings cannot overheat so it requires no thermal cut-outs or protection choke.

  • High reliability – designed to deliver constant battery charging power over long distance crossings and endure harsh deep sea conditions.
  • Fit and forget – self-aligns in the water and will not noticeably slow the yacht.
  • Small - does not take up deck space
  • Build quality- built with Ampair’s world renowned marine grade build quality with four decades of continual design improvement.
  • Unobtrusive - easy mounting in water mode and hoists high-up at anchor
  • Dependable - will not burn out at any speed

*Subject to stock availability. Normally available off the shelf, however once depleted, standard lead time of about 8 weeks ARO applies.

Please contact us to check stock availability and shipment options. 

DOWNLOADS: Aquair Q100 Manual