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Ampair UW100™ Generator

Designed to generate power for charging batteries frequently used on Marine Seismic towed equipment, the Ampair UW100™ manufactured by Seamap is a powerful and efficient solution, providing 100W continuous battery charging power at 8 knots submerged tow speed.

Ampair UW100 underwater micro hydro turbine 100W continuous battery charging power in 4m/s (8kts) flow

  • Powerful - generates 2.4 kWh per day from 400mm deep fast flowing streams.
  • Protected - optional stainless steel propeller guard prevents fine rope, fishing line and debris from blocking the turbine.
  • Applications - designed for fast flows in fresh water or salt water.

Key specifications

  • Robust - alternator body is filled with oil for pressure equalisation and to reduce internal corrosion.
  • Durable - the stainless steel shaft is triple-sealed for optimum protection.
  • Proven - for 20 years and used worldwide
  • Dependable - will not burn out or overpower at any water speed.

*Subject to stock availability. Normally available off the shelf, however once depleted, standard lead time of about 8 weeks ARO applies.

Please contact us to check stock availability and shipment options. 

For Seismic version please contact Seamap.

DOWNLOADS: Ampair UW100 Manual