Faucets by Elka Design (Italy)

Shower Systems by Elka Design (Italy)


Dockline (per metre) from $1.00 USD
Removable deck shower 7085P $1.00 USD
7080GAP Removable & foldable deck shower $1.00 USD
Euro Racer $1.00 USD
Eco Yarn (rPET) Braid-on-Braid (per metre) from $1.00 USD
Racing Dyneema® (SK75) $1.00 USD
Eco Yarn (rPET) Dockline from $1.00 USD
Connection Kit for removable deck showers $1.00 USD
Removable carbon fiber shower pole SP60C $1.00 USD
Removable deck shower with light 7060GAP_LUX $1.00 USD
Brass built-in pop-up hand shower $1.00 USD
Aluminum hand shower with concealed mixer $1.00 USD
Built-in AISI 316 stainless steel hand shower $1.00 USD
XTX SoftGrip Clutch
Firefly Floodlight - Flush Mounted $1.00 USD
Firefly Floodlight with Bracket Mount $1.00 USD
Firefly Floodlight Surface Mounted $1.00 USD
1602-75 Weather station carbon (Limited Edition) $347.00 USD
Great White GW20 $1.00 USD
Mako M12 IFM Underwater Light $1.00 USD
Manta Ray MR20 $1.00 USD
Piranha P24 / P24 Dual Color $642.00 USD
Piranha P6CC Colour Change $1.00 USD
Removable Deck Shower Pole 7085D $1.00 USD
Reading light - ATIK Q $1.00 USD
Pathway Light $1.00 USD