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I.Y.S. Intelligent Yacht System

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Main Features

  • Raymarine / Garmin MFD App button on the screen app page
  • Can be controlled from tablet or phone without the need for a Raymarine/Garmin MFD
  • 6 x 10A Solid state digital outputs, digitally fused with feedback Digital switching
  • PWM Dimming on all outputs (any PWM compatible lighting)
  • DMX Lighting control across 12 Zones (any LED lighting manufacturer) •Open Control architecture
  • Customizable – can be own branded on MFD to your logo or boat schematic
  • 6 x digital contact monitoring for diagnostics & feedback
  • AV Input for Sound to light integration – music to trigger light effects or colour effects on any lights, will control CRGB Fusion speakers
  • Bus interface, NMEA2000, Ethernet & Wi-fi All wrapped up in a compact 274mm x 160mm box perfect for hiding under the helm on any vessel