SeaSmart Marine is the UK based team of passionate boaters who designed and developed and also manufacture the revolutionary product  - SeaSmart®


SeaSmart is the answer to smelly marine toilets! A revolutionary system that puts a stop to those smells! It’s cost-effective, eco-friendly and it works! Seasmart solves the problem in a unique way. It contains a reservoir of eco-friendly disinfectant, a microprocessor which analyses toilet use, and a dosing pump to dispense the disinfectant through a very thin tube threaded through the inlet sanitation hose.


The disinfectant is dispensed directly into the flushing water, at the seacock, right at the start of its journey into the marine toilet. In this way, ALL of the water in the system is disinfected and sanitized, right from the start of the system.


A total solution, SeaSmart is a self-contained, independent system controlled by an intelligent micro-processor that runs on its own power supply. It analyses usage to dispense exactly the right amount of disinfectant through the whole toilet system whether you’re on a long voyage or short trip. It even works when you’re not on the boat!